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Herbicide boom spraying equipment

Made up of a chassis with 400 or 600l tank and a couple of electro hydraulic inter-row arms with spraying booms for the application of herbicides for weed control with a high precision system, able to apply herbicides in young plantations of olive, vine or any type of fruit. The system offers a total protection for the plant since it avoids completely the contact between the applicator head and the plant. Equipment suitable to be assembled in the rear three point hitch of any tractor. Equipped with 2 electro hydraulic in-row weeders, commanded by a hydraulic power unit and controlled by a control panel installed in the tractor cab. Developed to work around the plant even with a very small size (from 1 cm diameter of plant trunk).

The equipment is controlled by a sensing rod, equipped with an adjustable inductive sensor. The system has a exclusive movement that combines parallelogram displacement with a radial movement, that provides the equipment a high accuracy and at the same time a high tolerance allowing deviations higher than 30 cm in the plants line, or in the tractor trajectory. Allows working speed up to 8 km/h.

Рабочая ширина, м 1,8 — 4,5
Емкость бака, л 400 или 600
Потребляемая мощность, л.с. (кВт) 7,6 (5,5)
Необходимая мощность трактора, л.с. 35
Максимальная рабочая скорость, км/ч 8

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